Patients & Providers

Transgender Health: Patients & Providers

This series, co-curated by trans and nonbinary expert Micah and transgender health educator and patient advocate Charlie Blotnerconnects providers to patients’ need for both competent and compassionate medical understanding of transgender bodies and transgender health.

Transgender Health Patients & Providers

Nearly one fourth of transgender patients delay health care because of fear of discrimination [2015 US Trans Survey]. With a community hesitant to interact with the medical system, we want more providers to demonstrate not only competence, but excellence in transgender health.

With only a median reported time of 5 hours dedicated to teaching LGBT-related content over the course of the entire curriculum, and a third of programs reportedly spending zero hours on LGBT health-related content during clinical training, both patients and providers benefit from the extra education and interaction.

To bridge the gap between patient and provider, we created the Transgender Health: Patients & Providers seriesIt brings together both patients and providers as experts of their experience, inviting us all to learn about each other’s real needs while we wait for the medical literature and best practices to catch up.

Guest articles are written by an assortment of international medical providers, representing the fields of psychology, endocrinology, pediatrics, emergency medicine, surgery, social work, nursing, and research; each contributor’s varying expertise and perspective pushes the trans health community to reexamine best practices, policies, legislation, and standards of care around the world.

We want more health care providers and researchers to be knowledgeable about transgender health, so we’re inviting those who are already knowledgeable and those who want to learn more to have conversations and share their perspectives. We want to highlight the work that they’re doing in hospitals, clinics, and communities around the world, and ask them to teach their provider peers to do the same.

We’re worried that trans patients don’t trust providers. We want to remind trans people there are indeed health care providers and researchers that the trans community can and should still trust for competent care and information. We’re asking patients to participate in creating their own health care experience –  to ask questions, and to tell providers what matters to them most as a patient who also happens to be trans.

We sincerely hope that you –our readers– will engage in the comments.

This series relies on your voices to participate.

You are welcome to suggest special topics, ask a burning question, or introduce us to health professionals who would make engaging guest authors. If you’re a provider or a patient and wish to contribute, let us know!



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